Our GREENCUT collection comprises 5 brands, from where our cutting department takes its name.



The innovative department dedicated to the production of blocks and mattress-core made of HR and viscoelastic polyurethane foam takes its name from our GreenCut collection. This is how 5 brands of different materials are developed to deliver ultimate performance and technical advantages in terms of comfort. 

GreenCut comprises five different lines:  MEMORYLOVING, SUPERFRESH, GREENBIORELAX, AIRMEMORY and FLEXFOAM, all made of polyurethane materials that stand out for comfort, softness, flexibility and breathability, not to mention customizable load-bearing capacities, dimensions, thicknesses and contouring ability.

Both our mattress-core and pillows are entirely customizable; in fact, various types of foam can be blended to obtain a wide variety of “sandwich-like” combinations.


MEMORYloving. This collection features the same load-bearing capacities and densities that characterize Green Foam’s pneumatic, breathable Memory Foam.  Non-deformable over time, these pillows support the body while providing a great feeling of well-being. 

SUPERFresh is an outstanding, no shape-memory viscoelastic foam, i.e. capable of quickly regaining its original shape, very similar to latex. Thanks to its open cell structure, SUPERFresh provides elasticity and facilitates air circulation, while transmitting an incredible sensation of freshness.

GREENBIORELAX a single brand that combines the same comfort and support provided by MemoryFoam with the addition of organic and ecological components such as essential oils, castor oil, soybean oil and medicinal herbs to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality.

Our GREENBIORELAX line includes both pillows and mattress-core.

AIRMEMORY from technological innovation to a cutting-edge, highly performing product range based on MemoryFoam with an open-cell structure, breathable and entirely washable. Thanks to AquaCool, a water-based lining containing PCM phase-changing microcapsules, the material is able to absorb excess heat and thus reducing body temperature (by 3 – 6 degrees).

AquaCool, solvent-free and odourless, comes in three variants:

FLEXFOAM, flexible polyurethane foam with different load-bearing capacities and densities, is the ideal, specific padding for mattress bases and similar applications.


High performance flexible customisation, much more comfort. A family of materials with high mechanical and comfort characteristics used to realise pillows and sheets having dimensions, thicknesses, and shapes customisable according to the uses and specific requests of the customer. To create even more special and distinctive solutions, in every product, FLEXFOAM can be combined with one of the other 4 lines.

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