Made of MemoryFoam, an extremely soft material that reduces pressure points while supporting head and shoulders to ensure utmost comfort.



SmartLine is a versatile collection of pillows designed to meet a wide range of demands. Each component is designed to facilitate blood circulation and help you find the proper sleep position. Breathability is improved thanks to the special micro-perforated pattern that characterizes this collection. Anti-mite and anti-allergic. 


MemoryFoam is a cutting-edge, self-contouring and heat-sensitive material, originally used in the aerospace field to mitigate the pressures to which astronauts were subjected. In fact, after compression, this material slowly regains its original shape, thus providing a wrap-around, protective effect. It is emulsified with water without the use of chemical blowing agents.


SmartLine comes in two versions: Soap-shaped Perforated, in various heights and Cervical Perforated with an ergonomic shape to support your neck regardless of whether you sleep on your back or side. 


Designed to satisfy market needs where large quantities are required at very competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of MemoryFoam. Fresh and comfortable, with excellent thermoregulatory properties, our pillows also provide bespoke relaxation.

Catalog 2023

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