SuperSoft pillows mirror the shape of the neck and nape to ensure pressure-relieving support. They provide a soft support while retaining their original position.



Ten times softer than latex foam, SuperSoft is a unique viscoelastic material that creates a cool and breathable micro-climate while providing a continuous feeling of well-being. Our SuperSoft range made from Supersoft foam is Class 1 IM fire rated by external certified laboratories.


SuperSoft is a viscoelastic material free of chemical blowing agents. It provides a soft support and has the ability to retain its original position. Its cell structure promotes air circulation and low thermal conductivity, offering a pleasant sensation of freshness.


Available in different versions: Soap-shaped and Cervical with a breathable anatomical contour, this pillow keeps the head and neck in an optimal position. Ideal for those who prefer an “upward push”.


SuperSoft ensures excellent weight distribution while supporting the nape. The materials used are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, attesting the total absence of substances that are harmful to health.

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