MemoryCare is the ideal solution to release all the stress accumulated throughout the day. Our MemoryCare pillows made of MemoryFoam are able to reduce pressure points while supporting head and shoulders to ensure the highest levels of comfort.



Made of MemoryFoam, these unique pillows come in different versions: classic soap – shaped, cervical support or with a hollow design to mirror the curve of your neck regardless of your sleeping position. Our commitment to research and development has allowed us to achieve a pillow design that ideally combines performance and comfort. 


MemoryFoam is a cutting-edge, odourless, self-contouring, heat-sensitive and non-deformable material with the ability to adapt to your body, thus ensuring bespoke comfort. Designed for use in the aerospace sector to mitigate the pressures to which astronauts are subjected. In fact, after compression, this material slowly regains its original shape, thus providing a wrap-around and protective effect. It is emulsified with water without the use of chemical blowing agents.


All versions have anti-mite and anti-allergic properties. The special micro-perforated pattern that characterizes MCare Saponetta (soap-shaped) and Cervical provides enhanced breathability.

MCare Comfort Massage, instead, features an embossed pattern that provides a pleasant massage effect, enhancing blood circulation while helping you find a proper sleep position. 

Best Massage, available in the cervical version, is slightly embossed to ensure an adequate air flow and a continuous massage effect. 

Best Shape, with a hollow design in the upper part, helps support the cervical area in various sleep positions. 

Both ‘Best’ models facilitate micro air circulation while providing a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Available in two sizes, Small & Large, these pillows are padded with hundreds of tiny MemoryFoam flakes that make them even more comfortable and breathable. The lining is made of anti-mite and anti-allergic polyester fabric.


SoundPillow, another interesting application, is an ergonomic pillow that allows you to listen to music without the need for earphones. A small stereo system with a particular shape installed inside the pillow plays songs, audio books and language courses. You only need to connect it to a sound reproduction device, such as an Mp3 player, a cell phone, a radio or a TV. 


Our MemoryCare Collection also includes NoFire, a line of next-generation pillows. Fire resistant and CRIB V approved by external certified laboratories, they are able to satisfy, in particular, the demand of hospitals, hotels and accommodation facilities for a comfortable and safe product.


Designed for those who love super soft pillows and available in different heights (standard: 12 cm, maxi: 15 cm and small: 9 cm), they have the ability to conform to the weight of your head, creating a cloud-like feel. Fresh and comfortable with thermoregulatory properties, these pillows also provide bespoke relaxation. The materials used are all Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, attesting to the absence of substances that are harmful to health.

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