The company

Ours is a dynamic company that strives to keep up with modernization while remaining faithful to the tradition of “Made in Italy” excellence.



Innovation, specialization, production of top quality pillows and slabs using next-generation polymers and ecological materials. It all began in 2008 in Vaiano, a town near the industrial district of Prato. Since then, we have been continually evolving with an aim to develop a new trend in the culture of “healthy sleep”.

Establishing partnerships with leading companies in the sector such as Basf Italia S.p.A., using materials selected and approved by external bodies in compliance with environmental legislation and experimenting with an aim to turn market demands into solutions, are all values that are part of our DNA; a path paved with many goals, successfully achieved with determination and satisfaction 

In 2011, we moved to Prato to an establishment of approximately 6,000 square meters divided by areas of competence. In fact, besides our administrative offices, we have a division dedicated to the production of moulded pillows and our latest GREEN CUT department dedicated to the manufacture of blocks, slabs and pillows made of polyurethane, memory and cut viscoelastic material, as well as an area specifically dedicated to customization. We strongly believe that investing constantly in technology is key to achieving to a more valuable product, which ultimately leads to competitive advantage also for our clients. Putting quality in place, maintaining a diversified product portfolio while constantly investing in research are but some of the cornerstones of our business strategy aimed at consolidating and expanding our presence in the sector, with the acquisition of new customers in Italy as well as in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and the Eastern countries, e.g. Russia.