Our DoubleSoft collection, which includes DoubleConfort and DualMassage, features a wide range of pillows with carefully selected inserts and materials, combined together to double your comfort.



The pillows that belong to our DoubleSoft collection, including DoubleConfort and DualMassage, are obtained from a blend of different materials. This leads to the production of highly performing pillows, capable of satisfying any demand. Our cutting-edge products are made from raw materials of organic origin with an aim to minimize our impact on the environment. 


The pillows that belong to our DoubleSoft collection, including DoubleConfort and DualMassage, are made up of alternating layers of four materials: GREENBIO/SuperSoft and SUPERFRESH/MemoryFoam.


These pillows come in a classic soap shape and combine the properties of performing materials such as MemoryFoam, which conforms to the body without exerting any counter-pressure, and SuperSoft viscoelastic material, which ensures a high level of comfort and support, thus preventing contractions. The addition of essential oils promotes sleep and gives the pillow a pleasant scent. A series of through-holes facilitates air circulation, thus improving breathability.


Designed to satisfy any sleep style, these pillows comprise a MemoryFoam containment layer to ensure bespoke comfort whatever your sleeping position, as well as an upper fill layer in different colours to identify specific features. We provide eight different inserts with different colours and peculiarities. For example, our Thermo range comes in four versions that vary according to the level of fill density.


The inserts of our Dual Massage Thermo range vary according to density: Thermo Blue Dual Air Massage (blue) has a density of 50 kpa, Thermo Ocra Dual Air Massage (yellow ocher): 45 kpa, Thermo Light Blue Dual Air Massage (light blue): 53 kpa, and Thermo Pink Dual Air Massage (pink): 55 kpa.


The pillows that belong to the DoubleSoft collection are designed to suit any demand. For example, DoubleComfort allows you to choose between two different sides thanks to a double layer of comfortable and non-deformable materials: extra-soft SuperSoft viscoelastic material and Bio MemoryFoam, characterized by high elasticity. This range is developed taking the environment into account. DualMassage and DualMassage Thermo offer numerous advantages thanks to a wide choice of load-bearing capacities offered by the embossed insert.

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