29 June 2022

Green Foam presents “i Freschissimi”: exceptional products, materials and finishes to help you face the hottest summer.

The adjective “i Freschissimi” refers to our most performing products made of Memory Care with the combination of excellent finishes and applications, designed to keep you cool during hot summer nights. 

We are talking about AIRMEMORY – a type of open cell Memory specifically designed to ensure greater breathability – and GelSoft, a completely non-toxic polyurethane material combined with Memory Care.

AIRMEMORY, a type of Memory Care with an open-cell structure, is self-contouring, heat-sensitive, breathable and completely washable. Thanks to these unique features, AIRMEMORY keeps you cool during periods of hot weather when your body needs increased freshness and airflow.

AIRMEMORY performances are further enhanced thanks to a PCM phase-change microcapsule coating named AquaCool.

The product treated with AquaCool coating is able to absorb excess heat, reducing body temperature from  6 ° to 10 ° degrees. 
AquaCoolis a revolutionary treatment with long-lasting effects; extremely cool and flexible, it is effective in maintaining a proper airflow and eliminating moisture, making the material even more hygienic and comfortable.   

GelSoft, a non-toxic polyurethane material that does not harden over time, provides the best pressure relief and body contouring, and combined with Memory Care, ensures unique levels of freshness and comfort.

The layer of GelSoft features a soft and resistant mesh with special thermoregulatory properties.
GelSoft takes around three hours to warm up and then stabilizes at a temperature a few degrees below that of the body, thus promoting blood circulation and tissue oxygenation. 

Besides providing a pleasant sensation of freshness, the GelSoft – Memory Care combination provides the best pressure relief and body contouring to ensure the best level of rest.   

Choose “i Freschissimi” by Green Foam to beat the summer heat.

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