28 February 2022

GREEN CUT, from a constantly evolving department to a new production unit.

 GREENCUT is not only the name of a department and a collection. Today it is the new detached production unit of GREEN FOAM based in the locality of Agliana and spreading over an area of more than 3000 m2

Our new GREEN CUT plant is dedicated to the production of foam blocks and sheets of HR and viscoelastic polyurethane, created to ensure ultimate comfort performance and technical advantages. 

Besides the production of cut pillows, rolls, flaked material by the meter and slabs (with coupled sheets in a wide variety of “sandwich” compositions),FLEXFOAM®, MEMORYloving®, AIRMEMORY®, SUPERFresh®, and GREENBIORELAX®, we have launched a range of innovative and performing products such as the brand new AGGLOMERATES –  thanks to which we are able to  recycle the waste derived from the manufacturing process –  designed for the most varied  uses in the furniture, designer and even the food sectors.

Thanks to our highly performant foams, along with a wide variety of combinations and uses, flexibility and customization, all made possible with our new GREEN CUT production unit, we are able to satisfy any design demand and need by translating any idea you may have into a final product!

Grow with us, create with GREEN FOAM.

Our new GREEN CUT headquarters is based in Agliana, Spedalino industrial area; address:via G. Nerucci snc (no street  number), 51031 AGLIANA (PT) – tel. + 39 0574 741048